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Houghton Regis Academy

What to do if . . . ?

Problem Who and Where
You have school lunch               Line up when your bell sounds. If you have been in detention, or a lunchtime club, you must go into lunch on the 4th bell. Line up with the lunchtime supervisor.
You pay for lunch Lunch money can be paid daily, weekly or for a half or full term. Pay for lunch at the till in the canteen or Academy office. Cheques are payable to the “Houghton Regis Academy”.
You forget your lunch money The Academy office is not able to lend money for school meals unless there are exceptional circumstances.
You have a packed lunch Line up and go in with your year group when the bell sounds to eat in the dining hall. You must leave your packed lunch in the lunch crate every morning.
You feel unwell Tell your teacher. She/he will give you a note to go to the Academy office, if necessary.
You are lost Find the nearest person and ask them to help you. Otherwise go to the front office. Above all, don’t worry!
You are late arriving at the Academy? Before going to your lesson, you must first go to the front office and sign the late list or ask to be marked into the register. Then go straight to your lesson, late detentions will be given.
You have lost something First check in all the places you have been. If you can’t find it, tell your Form Tutor and check at the office.
It is a wet break You will hear a short bell five minutes before break begins. You stay in the classroom you are in for Lesson 2 with that teacher and sit down to read, work or talk quietly. You will be allowed to go to the toilet and tuck shop.
It is a wet lunch If your year is having lunch first, go to the lunchtime supervisor outside the Library. Otherwise, go to your Form room and wait for the correct bell to ring for your lunch.
The fire bell goes Leave your room immediately, and quietly walk onto the playground where you must line up with your Form Tutor. Your Form Tutor will check you off the register. Remain calm at all times.
You have been absent Make sure that the Academy has been informed either via telephone, or bring a note with you giving the reason why you were away. Remember that parents/guardians can now be fined for unauthorised absence or late attendance.
You forget your bus fare, homework or necessary equipment  Tell your class teacher
You can’t do your homework Tell the teacher who set it BEFORE it is due to be handed in. You could go to the homework club 3.30pm-4.30pm for help.